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I am currently working on my senior research project involving hotwire anemometers. I am using the arduino board as a PID controller which will allow for constant temperature control of the tungsten filament. in order to increase the resistance of the cooled filament i need about 1amp and 3volts. This can't be drawn from the board itself and I am trying to figure out some type of power amplifier that is responsive to changes in both voltage and amperage. I am looking into several transistor circuits but if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Thanks.


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You can do it with just two components: a Transistor and a resistor. Here's a little tutorial on how to do it: http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/Tutorials/HighCurrentLoads

If you scroll down the page a little, it even shows you how to hook up a light bulb.

Hope that helps.

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