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Problems getting the A6 to work. I'm using Elecrow shield on a Uno. 

Before destroying something are the following points correct:

1. With the Uno,  SoftwareSerial is required at 11500 baud.

2. power_key must be connected to +5V for a couple of seconds.  The Elecrow board as a push button to do this.  It is also tied to D7 which does nothing.  Am I correct that the full 5V are needed so an Arduino output is not adequate.  Is it also OK to permanently hardwire this connection so there is no need to press a button?

3. The Uno has an insufficient power supply for the A6.  A separate 2A source is needed.



Take a look at the page in my signature. Whilst it's not A6 specific it does answer a lot of your questions.
Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield



I had a bad experience with au Uno+A6 modem in its board version (not new A6 Arduino Shield as you own), regarding SoftwareSerial issues (impossible to get any reply back from AT commands sent...):
did you meet these problems (or any other) with your Uno+A6 shield ?

Please let us know :)

Have a good day.



Here's a website where someone managed to work the A6+Uno Combo.

JAG Electronics


Why can not I connect to the A6 module through the serial port pin 0 and 1?


I am trying to use A6 module to post data to IBM watson IoT. Which is the best place to get an example?

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