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There are several issues I have asked about without responses;
1. In the schematic "Arduino GSM Shield V2 Schematic.PDF"; Where is the open gap in the circuit labeled 'SJ1'?

2. Also the circuit that shows the jack for a 4 position plug,
what are the electrical pin positions compared to the physical positions?  The Pin-Out.
I don't want to assume anything.

I found this in a forum on the '.org' site, but couldn't find a response or a picture that was referenced.
"Re: GSM Shield 2 Audio output and Arduino sound output to one speaker
Postby fabioc ยป 14 Jan 2016, 11:18

Hi WimG83,
I looked the [http://download.arduino.org/products/GSMSHIELD/Arduino-GSM-Shield2-Rev3.2-SCH.pdf|Shield Schematic].
It seems that 3-4 are output audio signal , 2 GND and 1 MIC, following the numeration of your jack picture.
I attach a picture that shows you the connections but I advise to verify them.

3. I have a microphone working in a sketch where a call is placed to my cell.  If any noise from my cell is heard by its mic, it is sent to the Quectel M10, then echoed back to my cell.  I have worked with Quectel on trying to cancel the echo using AT+QECHO(and channel, level...) without any result.
One rep told me that the command has been abandonded.

I would appreciate any help such as a working sketch like a telephone, the location of 'SJ1', and the physical to electrical layout of the audio jack.


Hi there,

It seems like I am having the exact problems. Did you have any luck trying to solve that?
I also MPed you

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