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I'm not too experienced with Arduinos, so I just loaded up the StandardFirmata sketch on a Mega to read 16 photo resisters. However, I needed many of them so I connected two Megas and a Duemilanove via USB, using the USB to serial software provided. The problem I'm having is that when I set up all three boards to send info to Max using maxuino 009, I'm getting huge lag.

Would taking out the extraneous code in the Firmata sketch help this problem, or is it actually just that I'm trying to read too much? Should I try SimpleAnalogFirmata, or do I actually have to write something? One Mega board works perfectly, two work okay, and all three boards together just cause massive lag. It seems that the problem is happening from within Max, because the message system in Max is what's slowing down--so, will telling the Arduinos to send less information make Max work faster?


One of the issues that you are having may be that Firmata is not really ready for the Mega. You could search the forums for solutions.
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