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Dec 26, 2015, 01:29 pm Last Edit: Jan 05, 2016, 02:44 pm by edsa

I'm looking forward to include this new arduino in a project I was developing, as the project required BLE and probably a gyroscope.

But, before purchasing:

-Is this arduino compatible with the standard libraries? (I need to use the Servo library)
-Have the libraries of the Bluetooth system been published? (I need to use the BLE library)
-Do others libraries, such as the Arduino New Ping library, work? (I need to use ultrasonic sensors)

If not, when will this services be available?
And, how difficult can be a library to modify? I mean, if NewPing is the only library not working for instance, I could consider modifying it.

I need this project done by march, and I need to start working with the libraries by february.

Thanks for the support,
edsa ;).


Hi edsa,
standard libraries have been ported, BLE library is ready and compatible with sandeep's BLE lib (https://github.com/01org/corelibs-arduino101/tree/master/libraries).
NewPing seems compatible since it has support for Due and Zero but I should take a closer look


Can i use the sandeep's BLE library instead curieBLE?
In curieBLE actions BlePeripheral.end() and .disconnect() doesn't work.

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