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I have a remote that sends a preamble of

Each 1 and each 0 is 0.4ms.

Then there is about 5ms silence.

Then I get 42 bits for the address and 24 bits for the function, i.e. 66 bits. Each bit is encoded as

0 = 0.4ms high, 0.8ms low
1 = 0.8ms high, 0.4ms low

I want to use an Arduino and a receiver like the MX-RM-5V or similar to detect button presses on the remote. First I tried RC-Switch but that library apparently can't handle preambles. So then I checked out Radiohead. I tried the send and receiver examples and the receiver gets it. However, it doesn't work with my remote. Looking at the source code, it seems it expects a different length of preamble (can be easily changed) and also uses a checksum in the header (which my remote doesn't send). Is there any way to tell the library what code I expect and then it sniffs it?

If Radiohead also isn't the right approach, are there any other libraries that can handle preambles, with silence and then the code? I could also just ignore the preamble as it has no information.

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