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Hi Arduino community,
I'm a 13 years old boy from Israel and I teach arduino lessons in my school (democratic school).We use the web editor and I thought about some improvements:

1.Because we work as a team in the lessons we really want to share our code with each other
and in these days our only option (that I found) is to send a link through email or whatsapp. If there will be an option to make group of people who have access to my files and  sketches it will be very helpful

2.It will be more convenient if one of the available simulators will be integrated into the online Arduino IDE.

3.Sometimes there is an error when uploading about the bytes when there is really really small code I know probably there is one million posts about this but I will be really happy if it will fix.


Hey @Onn,
we will add points 1 and 2 to the wishlist, thanks for your feedback.

Could you please elaborate a bit on point 3? Do you have a sketch you can share so we can reproduce your issue?



Thanks for quick reply and adding my ideas to the wishlist.
As for issue #3, it happens from time to time, not specific to a single sketch. After few retries to upload, it suddenly works. All my sketches are very short at this point :)

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