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I am looking into buying a BT connection kit for my Arduino. However, I see only reports of using BT as a replacement for the USB cable, ie. as a Serial device. However: I want to use the BT 'shield' to check for other BT devices in the surroundings of the Arduino. (Under Linux one would use 'hcitool scan' for this). Is there a way to communicate with the BT chip to perform such action?


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You should be able to send commands to the BT to perform configuration and
discovery tasks. I have been using the BlueGiga WT12A with the '328 and '644
chips without an issue.

Shortly I am hoping to have a library and some examples that interface my NB1 board (http://tinyurl.com/pg334s) to a Droid using a WT12A peripheral that I have

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