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hello im building a robotic hand and i need assistance in controlling five servos . im interested in different types of control but i mostly want joystick control for an all together grip and small finger group movements


Which different types of control?


hi im relatively new to programming and robotics and i really need help understanding arduino code for the purpose of controlling my robotic hand , if there is anyone who could upload a sketch for 5 finger movement to open and close and maby explain to me how it works and how i can build on to the code for more functions like different hand movements i would greatlyy!!! apreciate it :) sincerely cody


Have you worked through any of the servo examples in the IDE?
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If you find an example of a sketch that does more or less what you want I'm sure we will be able to help you understand it and possibly improve it. But it's going to be better if you do some of the investigation for yourself. When I Googled "Arduino robotic hand" I got 300,000 responses so it's probably been done before.



hi i'm having trouble finding information on how to control more than four servos ,Ive  built a robotic hand and need to control each finger  and developing a code for open and close function and to be controlled by the joystick analog module to open and close the hand , if u have any info plz! help me im relatively new to programming ide love advice thnkz :) sincerely cody graham :)


Have you tried any of the suggestions to your prior iinquiries yet? If not, what are you waiting for?
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hi i'm having trouble finding information on how to control more than four servos
That's odd because as soon as I look for Arduino servo information I find the standard servo control library and one of the things it says is "The Servo library supports up to 12". https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/Servo

Anyway if you show us your code controlling four servos we'll help you with the fifth one.



For each mode of movement you probably just need to define functions for each finger
actuator mapping a control value to that finger's position.  Movement is driven by
varying the control variable and calling the functions for the relevant mode of movement.

You can use table lookup for the functions for a completely flexible data-driven control.

The basic forward loop would be
Code: [Select]

  for (byte i = 0 ; i <= 100 ; i++) // i is control, a percentage
    for (byte s = 0 ; s < N_SERVO ; s++)
      servos[s].write (func[s](i)) ;
    delay (delay_per_step) ;

 assuming suitable table of functions and servos.

Reversing a movement would move the control variable backwards.   I just used 0..100 for
arguments sake, that is a design decision.
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thanks for the replies im going to take all the info into consideration

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