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Project Guidance / Re: Paper sheet counter
Last post by dougp - Today at 07:00 pm
As @Robin2 states, if you can guarantee a gap between sheets something like this would work.
Programming Questions / Re: Call Function
Last post by GypsumFantastic - Today at 07:00 pm
Code: [Select]
 for (uint8_t i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    filename[6] = i / 10 + '0';
    filename[7] = i % 10 + '0';
    if (! SD.exists(filename)) { // only open a new file if it doesn't exist
      photoFile =, FILE_WRITE);;
      writtenPictureSize = 0;
      Serial.println(F("opened picture file"));
      break;  // leave the loop!

Does it work as expected if you remove that break command?
Hi Friends ,

I have little problem with part of my sketch ( moon.h )

I have this error when try to compil ( errorcompil )

Other problem with EEPROM.h   , EEPROM is not compatible with sam , any idea to remplace EEPROM in Stilo sketch ?

I need ardunio due to use my 7inch screen ( SSD1963 , work at 3.3v with Shield )

Thanks you everybody for help me :)
Hardware / Re: "Termostato"
Last post by steve-cr - Today at 07:00 pm
Buona serata,
essendo il tuo primo post, nel rispetto del regolamento della sezione Italiana del forum (… punto 13, primo capoverso), ti chiedo cortesemente di presentarti IN QUESTO THREAD (spiegando bene quali conoscenze hai di elettronica e di programmazione ... possibilmente evitando di scrivere solo una riga di saluto) e di leggere con MOLTA attenzione il su citato REGOLAMENTO ... Grazie. :)

Deutsch / Re: IR Remote schleife
Last post by Tommy56 - Today at 07:00 pm
Es geht mir aber eher darum wie ich die do{}while Schleife bei dem Case "0" beenden kann...
Indem Du keine verwendest.

Gruß Tommy
Français / Re: Echec programmation Attiny...
Last post by sancho119 - Today at 06:59 pm
Oui pardon, les 3 leds sont branchées sur le UNO.
Que je fasse televerser ou graver la séquence, j'ai un message d'erreur...
MKRZero / Re: Arduino MKR Zero destroyed...
Last post by ballscrewbob - Today at 06:59 pm
What you haven't said is what happens in device manager ?
Does windows device manager show anything at all not necessarily a com port but a failed device of some sort ?
Does windows make the HARDWARE FOUND noise at all ?

If you have access to a good JTAG device you could try to reset the device and replace the bootloader.

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to circuits, Arduino, and programming. I'm trying to create a prototype for an idea of mine that requires controlling 4 separate coin vibrating motors through 1 program. As I'm in the early stages, I'm just trying to understand the basics of the circuit required. I'd like to use my Arduino UNO R3 and breadboard. I have successfully created a circuit powering 1 3.3V coin motor (did not use any MOSFET  or progamming to control functionality). However, I'm not sure how to handle incorporating 3 more coin motors into the circuit. I need to be able to write a program that will turn on specific coin motors and control their individual vibration intensity/timing (I'd like them to pulse at a controllable speed) depending on external information that will be fed into the program. Can anyone share any advice or resources to help me get started?

I appreciate your help!

- Thor
General Electronics / Re: Making a home sound system
Last post by Aode_Ward - Today at 06:56 pm
There is a large amount of design to manage the airspace of a speaker enclosure.
That does not mean that you should shy away from experimentation.
Hook your naked speakers to your stereo.  Play some music.  Listen to the music and form an opinion on its sound.

Then put the speakers into the original housing.  Play the same music.  Listen and compare the sound to the naked speaker sound.

Then put the speakers into a mocked up housing of what you intend to put them in.  Play the same music.  Listen and compare to the earlier sounds.

Do you hear a difference?  Is if enough difference to keep the original housing?  Or is the difference small enough to consider using your planned housing?
That's actually a really helpful perspective, thank you.
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