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If you are interested.

I created a library to write strings to the EEPROM. Also works with Node MCU.
Handy for when you want to save Access point SSIDs or Passwords.

It writes data in segments/fields of 20 characters, so the limitation is 20 characters for each setting that you want to save.

You can find the library here --> https://github.com/mailmartinviljoen/eeprm

The library contains 2 example sketches for Arduino and ESP8266.

Just a tip (Not included in the library)
When loading an access SSID and Password you do it like this.

Eeprm Eeprm(0);


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THanks for sharing

a quick view shows some improvements
Code: [Select]
  if (field==1){field=0;}
  if (field==2){field=20;}
  if (field==3){field=40;}
  if (field==4){field=60;}
  if (field==5){field=80;}
  if (field==6){field=100;}
  if (field==7){field=120;}
  if (field==8){field=140;}
  if (field==9){field=160;}
  if (field==10){field=180;}

could be: field = (field-1)*20;
(note that the function does not check invalid values for field)

another improvement is this loop
Code: [Select]
   for (i=field; i <= field+19; i++)
    Datatoread += char(EEPROM.read(i));

Code: [Select]
   for (i = field; i < field+20; i++)
    int val = EEPROM.read(i);   
    if (val == 126) break;
    Datatoread += char(val);

check your variables:
Datatoread ==> dataToRead  // called camel case, bit easier to read

Last but not least

EEPROM.write(i+field, CurASCIICode);

should become this to minimize write cycles.

Code: [Select]
int val = EEPROM.read(i + field);
if (val != CurASCIICode)
  EEPROM.write(i+field, CurASCIICode);

Rob Tillaart

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Thanks for the suggestions ,will most certainly improve it.


Its been updated.

I'm sure more improvements can be made by converting from String to char to int using a more elegant convertion.

String CurCharacter;
  char CharConv;
  int CurASCIICode;
CurCharacter = datatowrite.substring(i,i+1); //Get String character
CharConv = CurCharacter.charAt(0); //Convert string to Char     
CurASCIICode=CharConv; //Convert char to integer (ASCII CODE)

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