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Hello everybody i search a programm for print the temperature in the lcd with 2 temperatures ds18b20  and i want print in the lcd the 2 temperatures please give me a programm good day for you


The main idea of Arduino is to learn how to program it yourself. Why would you want to miss the fun?
  ... with a transistor and a large sum of money to spend ...
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Take a program to read a single DS18B20.
Take a program to print a single value in an LCD.
Merge and multiply.
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I love arduino but for write programms i'm very bad i want one persone to write for me a programm for print 2 temperatures in the lcd with 2 ds18b20 please help me it is a work


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There's plenty of places that will sell you an indoor/outdoor thermometer. Buying a mass-produced product is almost always cheaper than trying to put together a prototype.

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