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Hi all,

I just spent a few days working on the Arduino 101 (my first Arduino board). I find it very difficult to get information regarding this board, especially regarding things that are different than other existing  platforms.

1/ What happens if I supply power on the 5V pin with 5.2V (bypassing the power regulator which is supposedly inefficient)? Will it work, considering that the board is powered by 3.3V?

2/ BLE programming is very difficult! Considering I'm a complete beginner with BLE, I found very little info to learn how to exchange data between Android/iOs and Arduino 101 in both directions (I don't care about the profiles, just want data exchange). I understand documentation about CurieBLE will come in March 2016.

3/ Documentation about the PMIC (battery charger) included in the Intel Curie would be great.

4/ Power consumption. What should we expect when running, idle, sleep (and how can we enter sleep while waiting?), BLE, etc...

I realized today that this board just came out in December 2015 and that documentation is expected for March 2016, but if any data is already available, on the topics above, it would be very helpful (hopefully to others as well).



Hi Julien,

1/ the 5V can be provided via the 5V pin to bypass the regulator (which, being a switching one, is really efficient indeed).

2/ Since the CurieBLE library keeps sandeepmistry's arduino-BLEPeripheral APIs you can start from the guides and examples provided here (https://github.com/sandeepmistry/arduino-BLEPeripheral).

3/ Battery charger/PMIC pins are not exposed so the 101 can't be used to charge batteries without any external hardware

4/ Power consumption measurements are in progress, the chip is really new and will be fully characterized by the time when the datasheet will be released


Why create a board that does not give us the possibilities to use the PMIC?

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