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Project Guidance / Re: Co2 Filling Machine
Last post by slim542 - Today at 06:04 pm
This is my first project ever so please bear with me.  Where should I move the  {  ? 

would the off look like

when (weight>=5)
digitalWrite(fill, LOW);

Okay, i've solved the problem myself....
I was pressing the reset button on my Arduino board and not on the shield.
Displays / Re: help getting mcufriend tft...
Last post by thaynes - Today at 06:03 pm
here is the code from my diagnose_touchpins sketch.  the one not reporting anything but the initial print text.

Code: [Select]
void showpins(int A, int D, int value, const char *msg)
    Serial.print(" (A" + String(A - A0) + ", D" + String(D) + ") = ");
void setup()
    int i, j, value, Apins[2], Dpins[2], Values[2], found = 0;
    Serial.println("Making all control and bus pins INPUT_PULLUP");
    Serial.println("Typical 30k Analog pullup with corresponding pin");
    Serial.println("would read low when digital is written LOW");
    Serial.println("e.g. reads ~25 for 300R X direction");
    Serial.println("e.g. reads ~30 for 500R Y direction");
    for (i = A0; i < A5; i++) pinMode(i, INPUT_PULLUP);
    for (i = 2; i < 10; i++) pinMode(i, INPUT_PULLUP);
    for (i = A0; i < A4; i++) {
        for (j = 5; j < 10; j++) {
            pinMode(j, OUTPUT);
            digitalWrite(j, LOW);
            value = analogRead(i);   // ignore first reading
            value = analogRead(i);
            if (value < 100) {
                showpins(i, j, value, "Testing :");
                if (found < 2) {
                    Apins[found] = i;
                    Dpins[found] = j;
                    Values[found] = value;
            pinMode(j, INPUT_PULLUP);
    if (found == 2) {
        Serial.println("Diagnosing as:-");
        for (i = 0; i < 2; i++) {
            showpins(Apins[i], Dpins[i], Values[i], (Values[i] < Values[!i]) ? "XM,XP: " : "YP,YM: ");

void loop()
    // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

Deutsch / Re: Bluetooth Laufrad
Last post by Fraver - Today at 06:03 pm
Bis auf das GPS Modul habe ich mir heute die Teile bestellt. GPS ist ja im Handy.
Die Koordinaten will ich dann nutzen, um den Ort, die Straße mit Hausnummer usw. zu kennen und mit zu speichern.
Samstag kommt hoffentlich das Paket, dann geht die bastelei los. Und hier bestimmt die fragerei:)

I am starting a new project in which I have not used Arduino before or motors so I have been doing a lot of research on them, hence the title of my position. Furthermore, the projects goal is to have a motor (which would be vertical with the shaft facing down) turn a screw. This may seem simple enough, however the motor is to be mounted above the screw so it is permanently in place (I have already design this mount). The main problem I am concerned with, and the reason I am asking this q in the first place, is the movement of the screw going up or down while being tightened or loosened granted the screw is such a position that a motor has to be mounted from above.

In such, would this movement of either the motor or the shaft of the motor (due to the screw moving up and down) cause a problem to the motor itself, its power supply, etc.? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Batteries always have a voltage range: when fully charged usually more than the nominal voltage, dropping to below nominal when almost empty.
try a wrapper: BufferedPrint from StreamLib has printf

Code: [Select]

  char buff[150];
  BufferedPrint bp(Serial, buff, sizeof(buff));

  bp.printf(F("Formated: %s;%c;%05d\r\n"), s, c, i);

Deutsch / Re: Projekt zur Ermittlung der...
Last post by agmue - Today at 05:58 pm
wer mir da mit Stichworten weiterhelfen kann, dem wäre ich sehr dankbar!
Finger weg von Netzspannung!

Jeder andere Rat würde mich mitschuldig machen, wenn was passiert.

Mache Dich bitte kundig, was Du darfst und was nicht. Unwissenheit schützt nicht vor Verantwortung. Auch das gehört zum Studium!
Just feel free to ask if you need any other information about the setup and configuration
A picture maybe, because your post is less than clear. For instance,
Hi, I have 3 Xbee s2c modules with me and 3 Arduino M0 for each of them.
Three Arduinos for each XBee means 9 Arduinos, which I doubt is what you have.

I can't imagine why you have some XBees in API mode and some in AT mode. They should all be in the same mode.

The Arduinos are running some code which is missing from your post.
Toda la razón, y muchas veces me lo he preguntado. ¿Si está disponible la página de referencias en español, por qué no se continúa? Las explicaciones que salen en español, aparte de ser escasas, alguna se entiende de manera difícil. También creo que se podría mejorar el apartado de la explicación porque no acostumbro a programar y algunas cosas aún me cuesta entenderlas, y no las entiendo ni traduciendo el texto. Yo también podría redactar textos para traducir la página. No sé cómo podría hacerlo, pero ese sería el menor de los problemas. ;)

Ah, por cierto, muy buenos tus apuntes!! Con ellos sí me entero de algunas cosas, felicidades o "felicitaciones", si eres de América Latina. ;)
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