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Good Morning Folks,
I'd like to know which is the best display to use with Arduino ...

In particular in my sketch I'm using several library:

- Virtual Wire
- Keypad
- DataTime.h
- DS1307.h

I'd like to know if can be particular issues with that library,



The only issue I have heard about is some "I2C" serial LCD's not having an I2C address and therefore not playing nice with other I2C devices like the RTC.  A normal 6/10-pin parallel LCD should not cause that problem.
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If a serial display is used, there should be minimal issues.

Will leave you the most pins free for the keypad:
Virtualwire - 2 pins (D11, D12 are the default)
DS1307 -2 pins (A4/A5)
Display - 2 pins, can be D0, D1
Keypad - 14 left for up to a 7x7 keypad (or 8x6, 9x5, 10x4, etc).
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