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Hi there

I want to measure some currents up to 100A. Since I already got an Honeywell CSNF161 Sensor I want to use it.
It has 3 connectors: +V,-V, OP
According to Spec OP delivers 50mA@100A. So if  I put a resistor, let's say 47 Ohm betwin OP and Grnd i should get aproxx 5V for 100A.

My problem is now, I'm not sure how to connect the sensor. It needs 12-15V of supply. For this I would use an external powersupply.
So if I connect the resistor between -V and OP is it safe to connect the -V of the sensor also to the Grnd of the arduino?
The other side of the resistor I would then connect to the analog in of the arduino.
Thank for any help!

jack wp

Well, first I would not connect it to the arduino until you have made several tests with a volt meter.

Before I connected the common grounds, I would take a voltage reading between the two grounds you plan to connect.

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