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Hi all,

I bought an ITEAD arduino shield with a simcom 5216 module on it. The problem I have is that the module won´t work with 3.3 V power supply. I just want to test it without plugging it to an arduino (because I use a breadboard).

- voltage switch is set to 3.3 V

- pin D9 is GND level (power supply)

- pin D8 is VCC level (3.3V from power supply)

- GND is connected to GND from power supply

- 3.3V pin is connected to VCC (3.3V from power supply)

Only the 3.3V led is on. All other leds are off. When I switch to 5V, take a 5V power supply and connect pin d8 and 5v pin to the powerline everything is fine. The problem is only with 3.3 V. Do you have any ideas whats going wrong here?

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