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I am Naresh agarwal from Allahabad, India
Starting shortly a Raspberry pi/Arduino Club at 22 Sarojini Naidu Marg, Allahabad.
Manu & anybody else interested in above can contact me at 08853478181 or narwala4@gmail.com


I am, from Allahabad would like to contact people interested in joining a Raspberry Pi/Arduino Club at 22 Sarojini Naidu Marg, Allahabad.
Contact Naresh Agarwal, 08853478181, narwala4@gmail.com


I've moved to Noida last year, and plan to make a few Arduino Projects.

Anyone from NCR here, we can share ideas and codes to help each other.



Iam vikas from banglore and am in


Hai, This is Pradeep from India(Chennai).  Like to participate.


I m rajak  from Gujarat ..I will read only form .When will  all are post by Indian .If I wanna teach me something u want ..Thx


Sureshkumar from Tamil Nadu Coimbatore
My YouTube Channel "Arduino Enthu"


I am Suresh kumar. I am from Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore).
My YouTube Channel "Arduino Enthu"


Yes I have hands on experience in nRF24L01 RF devices. Tell me the problem.
My YouTube Channel "Arduino Enthu"


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This is Yogesh from Maharashtra..........Hmmm It's a Nice talking indian group here::)
             Hey does anybody knows, how to access router ip from modem connected computer????
I can access modem from router connected device but not reverse::(
             On searching on google i came across below link, but as solution given, there is no such NAT options in my iball WRX150N router... My connections are same like given there. Modem IP is and the router ip is
             Don't know how to do it?
Link: http://superuser.com/questions/1013686/accessing-router-from-another-router-modem


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I'm not sure this is the place to ask and answer such a question, but a [server] device belonging to the local area network (LAN or WLAN) of the router can be accessed from the external area network (WAN) -- e.g. from the local area network of the modem -- only if the DMZ of the router is enabled and set to the IP of this device. Then the device can be accessed from inside the local area network of the modem using the WAN IP address of the router.

If you want the device to be accessed from Internet, the DMZ of the modem must also be enabled and set to the IP of the router. The device can then be accessed from Internet using the WAN IP address of the modem [I'm not from India, but I know some ISP in some countries don't allow this].


hello everybody i am from india tamil nadu.

And i need some help for my project PLEASE!!!!!


hey, any one from Mumbai/india? lets go for a watsap group if anyone is keen on it?

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