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I posted in the project guidance forum because I wasn't really sure where to post, and then instead of helpful advice, I get a moderator and someone else attacking me for my choice of included data points which shed an online manufacture in a bad light (a single completely true, unbiased, objective statement: that I was being ignored by this other manufacturer).  They decided to attack me vs provide constructive advice on the problem at hand, or even to try to explain why they though I said something on the forum that I shouldn't have.

So if it can't be reinstated b/c one mod can't override another, no big deal, but I'd like a copy of it for my records.  I posted some links in there that I find useful, and had I known it was going to get removed, I would have done so.

The other issue is that fact that a moderator came out of left field appearing to start a flame war.  As a regular member with no admin access, what can I do to protect myself from either that person or that situation in the future?  

I find the idea of prostrating myself to ask for help on a forum to be disgusting; I do not expect anyone to prostrate themselves before me for me to help them, and I work in tech support.  Level 2/3 support with clients that anyone and everyone on this board will recognize.

I don't like what happened and would like to know what I can do about it, what I can do to prevent things like this from happening again.


Oh yeah, might want to say what post it was:
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If you click on your name you get your profile and at the end below there is a link to all your posts.
I don't know if it contains your original posts you are searching at but it might be worth a try.

Other alternative might be google. The search engine might have your post in cache, so searching might reveal a cached copy.

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I have the URL from prevoous email notifications, and if I go there I get a message that says I cant access it.

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I don't like what happened...

I asked you to remove a single sentence from your post.  A sentence that was essentially you grossly misrepresenting what happened so you could insult someone.  You refused.

...and would like to know what I can do about it, what I can do to prevent things like this from happening again.

You can refrain from insulting other people.  When asked to remove an insult, you can remove it.

I will restore your post.  You behave the same way a second time I will not be so generous.

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