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Hi! I've some problems with my new Arduino board (MAKERFOX1200).
Few days ago i've registered the board on sigfox backend's and always seems fine, since i tried to send a message to the sigfox's server. Infact, even following all the First Configuration's steps, the arduino doesn't work. The serial monitor returns me this string :

-Could not get any response from the server, Check the SigFox coverage in your area, If you are indoor, check the 20dB coverage or move near a window.

Even if i go outdoor, in different places, the message returned by the monitor is always the same as before. I'm located in Bari (italy), where there's a full signal coverege (according to sigfox's coverege map).
In the sigfox backend's device list, i see my board without both signal (averege Rssi/snr).
-Last seen : N/A
-Activation Date : N/A

How can i solve this?


Hi @vitanio

Can you share some details to devrelations@sigfox.com, including your device ID ?

There seems to be an issue with your device, as coverage is very good in Bari. Even when applying a 20dB attenuation margin (see attached)

Can you check that the antenna isn't damaged, and is properly connected ?
If you have another 868MHz antenna, try switching just in case.

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