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Hi guys
A friend of mine just donated me some used (but working) 4x40 LCD display modules and I was wondering what are the possibilities to make them work with Arduino.

Searching around I stumbled on Custom LiquidCrystal440 library (https://code.google.com/archive/p/liquidcrystal440/downloads) which is actually a good solution to set the display up and running with just fiew lines of code.
However this library is really old and actually it doesn't supported by the latest Arduino IDE.
For testing purposes I used an older IDE and I was able to test the modules. :) Four of them are working just fine  :) .

So my question is if there is any alternative solution in order to use these displays with Arduino. As far  I can tell standard lcd library doesn't support dual "enable" lines.
Is there any other solution?


Is there any other solution?
You could try the version of LiquidCrystal440 (called LiquidCrystal1.0) that was created for the Arduino IDE versions 1.0 and higher.  

To get a copy start here:--> http://code.google.com/p/liquidcrystal440/ and follow the Downloads link to get to the latest version.



How common are those 4x40 displays?
The reason I ask is that I currently don't support them in the hd44780 library as it kind of wonks things up to do it.
I had assumed that they were not very common.
However, if they are fairly common, I might look at some sort of solution to support them.

But if I do decide to support them, I'll probably do it as a separate i/o class or even separate library that can sit on top of other LCD libraries.
i.e. for a 4x40 display, you create two 2x20 LCD objects in the needed i/o class and then use this higher level class to join them together to make them look like a single 4x40 display.

This way there is only one set of wonked up code that can work with other libraries to support any h/w interface used to talk to the LCD.

--- bill

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