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Hi, i am new in using the Arduino Zero, and have one question to the serial interface.
i know that topic from Arduino UNO (ATMEGA328p), that you should use a baudrate-oscillator to get reliable serial communication.
now the zero is powered by the internal 48MHz oscillator (and the external 32khz).
in the datasheet i read something about an internal baud rate generator ....

so the question is: is it ok to run that zero board out of the box and get a reliable serial communication, or is it necessary to set any actions? eg. add an external baud rate frequency oscillator or change any register settings?
i am affraid, that might end up in a lot of work?


The Zero is a little different in that you can have serial communications over USB or a UART. Both have a reliable baud rate out of the box. The USB can be a little finicky with connecting / disconnecting, but it's reliable once you have the right COM port selected.


Hi dlabun,
thanks for your reply.
i am going to use the UART, so thats fine.

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