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Hello, has anyone tried to connect to one of those Chinese RFID Control Access like the AD2000-M? I have one of those, but it lacks documentation and there are many variations and knockoffs in the market.

My goal is to be able to communicate with an Arduino to its MCU (STC 10F08XE), maybe using serial, so I can get the keyboard/RFID code entered. I know I could get the authorized/denied access by reading its relay, but I would like to know also who accessed.

I attached the front and back of my device board. At first I though I was lucky because there are even allegedly connectors for a serial interface, but I couldn't get anything from them (maybe I have to open or close some jumpers) I also found very interesting info from: http://www.minipwner.com/pdfs/THOTCON_2014_RFID_Hacking_Kevin_Bong.pdf and http://geraintw.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/hacking-door-controller.html

I know I can just use a RFID reader, keypad and relay directly to the Arduino to get the same, but the Chinese devices are very convenient, cheap and already have a case.

Any tips to hack this device or maybe to get a more suitable device to get this done? Thanks

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