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I was wondering if it possible to dump the contents of a M27C512-12F3 eprom using arduino. Is there some general tutorial someone can recommend or is it eprom specific? Thanks!


I'm sure there will be some tutorial somewhere but in principle yes you can dump the contents of the EEPROM.

You will need a lot of pins (Arduino Mega) or extra hardware to multiplex the address/data lines. Your talking 16 address lines, 8 data lines & 2 control lines.
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I don't know of any specific tutorials. There must be some but most parallel EPROM's work the same way.
1. Enable the chip. Pull E low in your case.
2. Specify the address you want to read by setting all the address pins to either high or low. That's A0 to A15 on your chip.
3. Enable output. Pull GVpp low in your case.
4. Read one byte (8 bits) of data from the address you selected in step 2. It is now waiting at pins Q0-Q7
5. Store the byte somewhere
Repeat steps 2 to 5 for all addresses. 0 to 65535 in your case.

As Riva said, you will need a lot of pins or something like shift registers.
If you use two cascaded 8-bit shift registers to shift out the 16 address bits you need using just a few pins then you can read the data pins using normal input pins.

You may have to insert a short delay after step 2 to give the arduino outputs/shift registers time to propagate and maybe after step 3 too.

Another thing to think about is how to transfer the data from your Arduino to a storage media that can hold the 64KB of data your EPROM contains.
SD-card, serial or something else?

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