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Hey, I m part of solar car project, we are making a car that runs using only solar energy, the energy is stocked in a battery, and I need to monitor the current that enters the battery (output of the solar panels/MPPT), I m looking for a current sensor that can mesure current from 10A to 15A using hall effect, I was using the LEM LA 25-p current sensor, but its output is not suitable with the arduino and unlike what i need this sensor requires a symmitrical input voltage (+12v -12v), I m opened to any suggestion,
here is the link for the LEM current sensor I have:




I have used the allegro acs712 to sense the current to a ram
If you do a serarch on Ebay for arduino allegro acs712 you will see a number of PCBs which are easy to connect to an Arduino


Note that hall sensors are very noisy, this is unavoidable nature of the technology.  A shunt-based current sensor is worth considering if isolation is not needed.
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