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New user here. It is highly likely that the solution to my problem is trivial, but I would greatly appreciate a resolution.

I have installed the Arduino IDE and can successfully program my mini Arduino Zero (Neutrino) over the native port (can make it blink, etc.)

However, I cannot get any of the Serial examples to work (with it plugged in via USB) and the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE remains blank (using println and the Newline delimiter, although I have tried all the combinations at this point). It is pretty hard to develop anything without this working.

I have battled and googled this problem for long enough at this point that I am certain the problem is either so trivial that no one has run into it before or it is hardware related. For further hardware knowledge, I am programming this from a raspberry pi (Linux, Raspian) and connecting from USB to USBmicro on the Arduino. Again, programming it works great but I just can't seem to read anything.


To anyone wondering, the solution was to use SerialUSB instead of Serial with this board.

Thank Rabid Prototypes' Shawn Swift for the answer.

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