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Hi ,

I am very newbie ,and trying to setup an arduino usb ,in order to be able to understand commands given by the pc (linux) giving the orders from perl.

I use this article to make it happen : http://www.windmeadow.com/node/38

My question is : Does the arduino board understand ASCII out of the box ?

The purpose of this article her above  is that the output given by the pc , is returned to the pc. But strangely this occurs not every time.

These factors could make this happen :
-open / close serial port issue ? (is the serial port fully 2 way in/out duplex possible ?)
-Is the communication understood by the arduino 'Serial.read ()' given in bytes,ascii or something else ?

The end purpose of my setup ,is that I can recognize what the pc sends to the arduino ,and does the proper activity instructed by ti. (for this the arduino must recognize what the pc has exactly send ,so that I can use it in an if statement).

PS. I don't know my way around in C ,so plz be gentle on me asking stupid questions ....

Thanks in advance,


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