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Firstly apologize for my poor English
I just successfully try to burn Arduino Boot loader in to blank Atmega168 chip
Using this wonderful tutorial:

Here is write Avrdude command :
avrdude -c diecimila -P ft0 -p m168 -U flash:w:ATmegaBOOT_168_diecimila.hex

I would like to know the reverse command
To read from Atmega chip to file xxxxx.hex

Who know where I can find some tutorial on Avrdude commands.

Best regard


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Thanks for your visit my web page.
Command of download to xxxxx.hex from flash is below.

avrdude -c diecimila -P ft0 -p m168 -U flash:r:"xxxxx.hex":i

"r"  means read.
"i"  means Intel-Hex.

But this command download all of flash(bootloader+sketch).



Thanks for your answer

It is exactly what I looking for

In fact I would like
First flash a Bootloader then load some sketch thru Arduino IDE
After debugging, burn last sketch version and then "duplicate" chip
Bootloader + sketch

On more thank for your great tutorial
Best regards

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