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Hi -

I have a sketch that uses external C files that I reference using #include. The exact same sketch compiles with the latest Arduino IDE/Decimila but not with the latest Wiring IDE for the Wiring board v1. I realize this may be OT for the Arduino forum - but maybe it's a common enough C error that someone can give me a clue.

I get the following error:

"error: variable or field 'set_acceleration' declared void"

I'm not using any incompatible Arduino libraries or doing anything special. The prototype for this function (too long to post here) is:

void set_acceleration(ACCEL_MODE accel_mode, uint8_t steep);

ACCEL_MODE is an enumerated data type:
Code: [Select]
/// Acceleration modes.
/// See configs.h for marginal values.
typedef enum _acceleration_modes {
       ACCEL_FIXSLOW = 0,              ///< Move slowly, fixed speed
       ACCEL_FIXFAST,                  ///< Move fast, fastest possible speed
       ACCEL_FIXMEDIUM,                ///< Fixed average speed
       ACCEL_ACCEL,                    ///< Ramp speed up
       ACCEL_DECEL,                    ///< Ramp speed down

and an example of the function being called:

set_acceleration(ACCEL_FIXFAST, 0);

I realize Arduino is different than Wiring but I was of the impression that the core language (Wiring) was the same under the hood. I'm kind of at a loss on what this error means and how to resolve it.

Anyone have any tips?


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