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Apr 14, 2017, 02:43 pm Last Edit: Apr 14, 2017, 03:42 pm by NewStudent
Hey guys recently there has been a lot of arduino users in turkey but due to the software being in english it is not easy for us to learn it. So i decided to modify Arduino.h and main.cpp files to for example change the name of the loop() to something else and it actually did work.
So my question is is it legal for me to do this and share this modifyed IDE?

Edit: i have changed these commands for now:

and it seems that all of them are working properly :)
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In fact what you are doing is perfectly legal; you only need to share the modified code alongside your modifications.
Anyway, I strongly suggest you another approach; you can "duplicate" the definitions by providing all maps in a header file (let's call it "turkish.h").
In that file, for any function you want to translate, you can add a

#define turkishName englishName

and it will work for both existing sketches and the ones your students will write.
If you want to make things automagic, simply change the arduino-builder to include the custom header alongside Arduino.h (this is the place where to apply the modification)
You can then redistribute the modified builder and a "turkish" library; the translated sketches will work on all boards (not only AVR), it's very easy to revert to the original behaviour (simple provide an empty "turkish.h" ) and you won't feel the burden of maintaining the IDE.

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