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I am looking for a learning curriculum on this site. Before I found this site I bought a starter kit from a re-seller of Arduino-type boards. Included were a few parts to get started and a series of tutorials. The tutorial program was a good start. It raised many questions. Seeking more tutorials that might fill gaps in the topics covered by the first set of tutorials -I eventually arrived here. I am about to follow one of two sets of tutorials. Uploaded with this message is one page of a set of 500+ pages of examples which I downloaded sometime -but now I can't find the source! for learning purposes it will be necessary to refer to the examples I am working with if I get in trouble. If this guide is out-dated, or not my best choice for any reason, the next best alternative appears to me to be this page: www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BuiltInExamples
Please advise.


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That document is on Scribd for $ but should be on the web elsewhere. It's a document someone made by downloading LOTS of Arduino.cc pages.

I suggest http://ArduinoInfo.Info   and specifically the series of lessons shown HERE.

Let us know what else you may be looking for...
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HOW-TO: http://ArduinoInfo.Info


Thanks, I bookmarked the vendor. The kit for about $60 includes a Bluetooth shield, plus a good selection of parts, and an Uno board. I have an Uno board clone and an Arduino Mega already. The clone will be dedicated to a project. The Mega board is for experiments. It has room for shields and lots of wires. But this forum is the most important component of the learning process, IMHO. The contributors, like yourself, are amazing. I have been lurking for awhile. From the tutorial I tried, it didn't take long to figure out, with just a little practice, the knowledge gained from playing with this thing could lead to a paying job. The next technological wave will be about IoT and micro controllers. I had in mind a specific application before making up my mind to build it on Arduino, but I thought I should learn something about how the device was programmed, not simply upload existing code and run with it. All of these tutorials are more than interesting. They teach important basics. I believe the way to invent is not to start with a pre-conceived idea, but build on what works. Every one of the tutorial I tried so far suggested big things. The next step is prototyping and production. But first, I have to learn to learn the language of Arduino.


Hello Brianeo,

Are you an educator, a school teacher or are you looking for a self-taught kind of curriculum? Maybe I can point you out towards the kind of resources you are looking for ;-)
Valentina Chinnici
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Dear v_chinnici, apologies for not responding sooner. I read your reply in my unread posts folder, and at almost the exact instant I needed to restart my desktop, and when I returned the notice of your message had disappeared and I lost track of it. I was just now looking for the best forum to post a new thread and it will most likely be this one. It concerns learning to write sketches. I will post when my thoughts are in better order. To answer your question: No, I am not an educator, but since the very start of my use of Internet, I realized the possibilities in it for learning and teaching. What do you think of the term Hive Mind? This forum is a great hive mind, and I don't mind being a bee.

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