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Obviously, over time, the title of this thread is going to sound a little hollow, but feel free to leave contact details (and I mean details - if you're in Boston, make sure you tell people which Boston)
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barnsley.io, Yorkshire, UK. We meet twice a month at Horizon College. Check the link for date of next meeting. One day we hope to set up our own maker space in Barnsley.


In Claremont, California. Looking to link up with some other folks locally.


At the Geelong Amateur Radio Club http://vk3atl.org/ , we have several keen Arduino /Linux users, who are keen to promote Arduino.  We have good lab/workshop facilities and intenet access.
We meet every Wednesday 2 PM-5PM, Friday 7PM-11.59PM++ and are keen to have some Saturday AM/PM activity especially if it will get some parent/kids involvement.

We have supported a hacker space at one stage, but they disintegrated.  We are keen to seem some making/soldering/testing etc.   Bring it on!


Portsmouth Virginia, interested in any local Arduino groups.
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