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Hello all you young whippersnappers. I hope you will welcome me to this forum. I live in Huntington Beach Ca. and I'm very interested in learning Arduino. I have purchased a beginners kit and have been watching all the videos that I can find. I still am at a loss though as to what to do to progress on. I'm starting to understand the coding part but where I am at a loss is once I have a bit of knowledge, how do I put it to use? I'm just not sure what to do with what I've learned. So, I'm looking for someone near me who might be in the same boat. I know all you young folks seem to be born with the knowledge already in your heads. So you are way ahead of me. Thanks for any help or suggestions.



Ray, just a "hello" from another 73 year old trying to learn more about Arduino.  Hope you have located a group out your way.  I am about 75 miles north of Houston, Texas.  Not much technology around here. george


Hey George you already are in a great group. ;)

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


Man I feel young for a change, I didn't think anyone my age tried  this stuff.
I am a young 70 year old and have been fighting, cussing and throwing things for the last six months.
I am working on a project right now that remote controls a device in my shed that uses a RF 315
433 transmitter and receiver. The devices are controlled by a C# program running on my desktop.
Since I live in the boring state of Ohio, there isn't a lot to do in the winter so I spent a lot of my time
writing code and fighting with components. If you want to find practical projects to build just do a search
in Bing for Arduino projects, there are literally hundreds of them on the web.

Hope this helped

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