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I for one have used PCBway/3PCB (same place) a couple of times now. My last order, 2 different designs, took about 3 days to build from order date and about 3 days to deliver via DHL. Sizes were 81x40mm and 70x55mm, cost $13 for 10, plus shipping come to $52 in total.

Quality of the boards are excellent. Can even upload your own projects to their site and get coupons to use for money off your next order. So far, I've managed to get $25 worth of coupons and you can use them to get 10% off your next order up to the value of the coupons.

Please see the link below for my recent project, a batch ISP programmer for AVR devices that use an arduino and USBASP for programming in batches.


They do also offer a referral scheme, should any one wish to make use of it, please see the link below.



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You got what you paid for.

Personally, I would much refer to the reliable pcb manufacturers, especially those who can provide one stop service, such as Edadoc company.


I am a electrical designer, which often uses PCB in my works.
Here I recommend a good PCB fab which I buy my PCB for my projects.

Firtly, show some PCB for my parts.2 kinds, the blue is 2layer,1.6mm Blue sold mask. It is like the size of a coin. And the Red PCB is 4 layer, Red sold-mask.

Share site here: www.pcbway.com/e
Hope it would be useful.


Looks good!
What are those boards for?
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does pcbway have cheaper shipping option to US?
The quote only shows dhl for $25 as option for 10 pcs of 100x100mm.
The total comes up to $38.

seedstudio total for same is about $31, and dirtypcb is $25.


Yes, their shipping cost look expensive when compared to other manufacturers


DHL for iteadstudio is about the same. Slower registered airmail is less.
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I tried adding a pcb to cart on itead and seeed, and seeed total is slightly cheaper using regular mail, both about a little over $30 total for 10 10x10cm pcb. I think I'll try dirtypcb for $25 shipped.  If results are not ok, then I'll use seeed on my next order.

For stuff I buy from china, I typically get it in 2 weeks (1 week if sent via epacket). So turn around time of 3 weeks I read from reviews sounds right. oshpark turnaround time is 2 weeks.


DirtyPCB's are a pretty good outfit, I've been using them a lot recently. It's run by Ian from Dangerous Prototypes so they have a decent understanding what makers / hobbyist want from a service.


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Hey guys I was checking a lot of companies and I found the good one. It's called PCBway (you can find it as www.pcbway.com or www.3pcb.com it's the same company I think) and well it may looks like a commercial and I never make reviews but those guys really made it better than what I was expected, The price it's so cheap, I ordered 10 pcs for a wearable project where the PCBs are pretty complex it was only 12 USD and if you select the express shipping it's pretty fast, I recommend you to use it if it's urgent, if not use the cheap one to save some money. I was testing the PCBs and checking the quality, etc. with a microscope and everything looks great. Being honest I've tried other companies that are good as well but the prices are higher. If I have to say what was the best thing for me is the customer service, it really can be called "EXCELLENT". And that's why I'm writing this review that can be useful for you. BTW I recommend to use eagle to make the layouts because it's easy to use.


Try out Dashunchang Electronic Co., Ltd, a technology enterprise, specializing in single side PCB, double side PCB and multilayer PCB , was established in 2002, focusing on fast PCB prototype and PCB mass production. Main products are CEM-3, FR4 and aluminum PCB, etc. As one of the largest PCB prototype manufacturers


You could also try PCBWay

We are a start up company and don`t have a big budget. We were in discussion with a potential client. When the first order came in we needed the PCBs done quickly. We could have had them made by a local company in no time, but the cost would have been too expensive for us. Therefore we went looking for a company who could produce our PCBs quickly at a reasonable price.  We then found PCBWay looking on internet.

At first, I must say that we were a little nervous about PCBWay, could they really ship functional PBCs within the given time frame?  What would be the quality of the PCBs that we would receive? Would there be a lot of faulty ones? We really needed the PCBs delivered on time, and didn`t have time to make modifications on faulty PCBs.  I am proud to say that the PCBs were delivered on time.  We were able to assemble all the PCBs without any problems. The printed boards that we received were exactly what we expected which is:
Layers: 2, Thickness: 1.6 mm, Material: FR-4, Finished Copper: 1 oz. Cu, Surface Finish: HASL lead free, Solder Mask: Green, Silk Screen: White
I should mention that the PCBs are used for low speed application with voltage ranging between 24 Volts to 120 Volts.

Bottom line, we did receive our PCBs within the given time and had no faulty PCBs. Wether you are a hobbyist, student or professional, we recommend PCBWay for anybody who needs a cheat and fast solution for professional PCBs.


Hello there,
My personal favorite goes to:

Maybe they are not the cheapest, or the fastest, but they have a very comprehensive quote tool for advanced capability PCBs.
We use it at my job. For medium quantity (~50 ish boards), they tend to be the cheapest I found.


I always buying PCBs from one manufacturer.


5 pcs 51mm*61mm pcbs just cost me $28. They suggest me the best way to panel and ship to save cost. And also $5 cut for the fist order.

The delivery is adorable.


51mm x 61mm = 5.1cm x 6.1cm
10 pieces 10cm x 10cm max at iteadstudio.com is $19.90 plus shipping as low as $6.78, total $26.78
No worries about panelizing, they make it fit.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.

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