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Interested please leave your email below. Will get to you soon. Thanks!


Can you give some details about the project?


I'm doing an autonomous robot which consists of 2IR sensor, 2 ultrasonic sensor, 2 motor driver module, 2 ARDUINO UNO and 4 DC geared motor. Code for the 2 ARDUINO to synchronize together in order to make the robot move in the correct manner. Which for example. Front ultrasonic sensor detect obstacles first ARDUINO will choose to turn left and will send data to second ARDUINO in order to ask the 2nd ARDUINO to turn left. For the first ARDUINO will be connected with 1 motor driver module,2 DC geared motor and 4 sensor. For the second ARDUINO will be just connected with 1 motor driver module and DC geared motor. First ARDUINO UNO is master writer and second ARDUINO UNO is just the slave receiver which receive data/ instructions from first ARDUINO. Feel free to ask any questions if you blur with my project. You can also email me (foozhongwei@yahoo.co.uk). For further process I will send to you the algorithm as a reference if you are able to code for me.

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