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Typically, an RTC triggers the interrupt once a second. Why can't you simply check, in loop() if the RTC returns 20 for the number of seconds? Why do you need an interrupt at all?
Deutsch / Re: Winkelmessungen mit MPU605...
Last post by treehugger - Today at 08:01 pm
Nun gut, den string ahbe ich jetzt ersetzt und ich lass mir die Daten zusaetzlich ueber den Serial Monitor geben. Jetzt liegen die nur noch etwa 20 Grad daneben. Auch habe ich versucht von dem delay() weg zu kommen, hatte erhofft weniger Daten auf zu zeichenen. Leider Fehlanzeige das sprudelt immer noch so raus. 

Code: [Select]

unsigned long currentMillis = millis();
    if (currentMillis - previousMillis >= interval) {
    previousMillis = currentMillis;}

void saveData(){
if(SD.exists("data.csv")){ // check the card is still there ?
  Serial.println("Creating data.csv...");
  File data ="data.csv", FILE_WRITE);
  if (data) { 
    Serial.print(compAngleX); Serial.print(compAngleY);
    data.print(compAngleX); data.println(compAngleY);
  else {
    Serial.println("Error writing to file !");
else {
    Serial.println("data.csv does not exist !");
Project Guidance / Re: HELP PLEASE. Newbie withou...
Last post by graemma1 - Today at 08:00 pm

Thanks for the reply

I will have a read through the guides you have attached and hopefully i can get some understanding of how to manage this. Below is a list of the hardware i have.

Hardware Arduino Wires Female/Male wires Solenoid x2 USB Cable L298N DC Stepper Motor Drive

Programming Questions / is there any FFT 1024 Samples
Last post by samib - Today at 08:00 pm
I'm working with arduino uno to process sound but I need to work with 512 or 1024 samples all the library tested (fft,fht)are limited to 256 samples so is there any way to process 1024 samples

Would anyone care to share some help
Programming Questions / Re: Stepper motor control
Last post by PaulS - Today at 07:58 pm
OK, so rather than the buttons directly stepping the motor, they should add a value to a variable and the motor should be stepping from the variable?
Yes. The number of steps that need to be taken changes as:
  • Events happen that require more steps to be taken (the number of steps still to take goes up
  • The stepper steps (the number of steps still to take goes down)

Can anyone tell me the command I'm looking for to add values to a variable?
It isn't a command. It's an operator. The addition operator.

Code: [Select]
   numStepsToGo = numStepsToGo + 1000;


Code: [Select]
   numStepsToGo += 1000;

I'll bet you can guess what the operator is to subtract values from a variable.
Proyectos / Re: Pequeña red con nRF24L01
Last post by surbyte - Today at 07:58 pm
Puedes conectar los que quieras pero existe una forma de hacerlo porque la arquitectura de como fueron diseñados exige que un master controla 5 esclavos y éstos a su vez otros 5 con lo cual totalizas 1+5+25 = 31 y asi...

Se vería asi la topología

entonces tienes dos modos de hacerlo.
Usando RF24Network o RF24Mesh

Mesh te permite trabajar sin pensar en lo que anteriormente te he dicho, asi que tendras tu nodo 1..10

Project Guidance / Re: Bluetooth-controlled Servo...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 07:57 pm
That is completely unreadable and just irritating,

Don't post text as pictures - especially moving pictures. Just copy and paste the text - for both sending and receiving.

Project Guidance / Re: Load cells
Last post by DaveEvans - Today at 07:57 pm
You could also try the solution mentioned in post #2 by @Grumpy_Mike

This could be a power problem and not a memory problem. I would evaluate the operation of the solenoid and the sd card.

Does the program crash if there is no writing to the sd card? If you disconnect the solenoid does the program crash? Is there a flyback diode on the solenoid?

Another idea would be to place more serial print statements in the code, to identify the exact place of the crash.
Hardware / Circuito con diodi può inverti...
Last post by fedale - Today at 07:56 pm
Un semplice circuito con 2 diodi e 1 resistenza dopo una caduta
inverte la polarità. Ma non capisco come è possibile.

Qualcuno ci capisce qualcosa?
I diodi sembrano funzionare, cosa può essere?

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