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Nederlands / Re: Eindhoven Maker Faire - 2 ...
Last post by shooter - Today at 09:18 pm
Ik zal er weer gaan staan, wellicht met coderdojo, maar zeker met arduino toepassingen.
paul deelen
Project Guidance / Trying to measure the pH of a ...
Last post by NeonCop - Today at 09:17 pm
Just as background, I'm completely new to Arduino and electronics/coding in general, I've been fooling around with it these past few days so I have a feel for it now. I'm working on an idea for a device that could measure the pH of a liquid automatically.

So, you mount the device against the wall of a toilet or a sink, use a PIR to detect when a liquid is falling, dispense a litmus paper that goes into the stream, and then hopefully discard the paper (once it's been analyzed by the chemist) into the sink or toilet.

Now, I am stumped on what mechanism to use for the dispensing of the litmus paper, and even more perplexed by possible discarding/reloading mechanisms. Are there any parts or sensors that could help me achieve this purpose? I would appreciate any guidance on the topic.
Français / Re: Mélange des données blueto...
Last post by kamill - Today at 09:17 pm
true pour activer la trace des commandes virtuino sur le moniteur série. false si tu ne veux pas de cette trace, mais dans les deux cas tu peux utiliser le moniteur série.
We often see days go by between responses, I've seen 3 pages of blathering on as folks (some retired with plenty of free time) entertain themselves.  Don't worry about, and get on with your questions ...
Programming Questions / Re: Reducing Sketch by 70 byte...
Last post by beic - Today at 09:15 pm
That's unfortunate about your problem with LTO. LTO stands for link time optimization and it's a pretty aggressive compiler optimization setting so it is possible for it to break things but this setting is turned on in all versions of Arduino AVR Boards since the one included with Arduino IDE 1.6.10. This means that for the last 11 months many thousands of people have been using that setting with their Unos, Megas, Leonardos, etc. with almost no problems reported. The reason it's not enabled by default in MiniCore is that the setting requires the latest version of avr-gcc to be installed and some people are still using old versions of the Arduino IDE/Arduino AVR Boards which don't support LTO. So it hasn't been used by many people with the ATmega48. It might require some investigation to determine what's being broken by the optimization.

If you set File > Preferences > Compiler warnings > All and then compile with LTO enabled do you see any warnings displayed in the log window at the bottom of the Arduino IDE window?
I'm using Arduino IDE version 1.8.2 and avr-gcc (4.9.2-atmel3.5.4-arduino2)

Enabled all warnings as you suggested, but it's just compiles fine without any additional message:
Code: [Select]

Sketch uses 3332 bytes (81%) of program storage space. Maximum is 4096 bytes.
Global variables use 335 bytes (65%) of dynamic memory, leaving 177 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 512 bytes.

Hardware / Re: Lampada con led
Last post by Gianky00 - Today at 09:14 pm
Ciao Brunello, a che serve il condensatore polarizzato e quello collegato al PIN 20 di valore 0.1pF?
Grazie in anticipo!
The term you want is "bussed", and a cursory search of Digikey suggests bussed switch arrays don't exist.

I'm with septillion, add the bus connection yourself.

I'm reading a nice article in digi key and still can't find out how they transmit.

According to the arrows in the picture, what colour represent the direction of the waves? Red, Green, Yellow or all equally?


Programming Questions / Re: Start delay using millis()
Last post by dj777 - Today at 09:12 pm
I attempted that in reply #2. It's common for entertainment to ensue when the OP doesn't ever reply. :)
How quickly was I supposed to reply?  I have other things to do apart from cruise a forum, and I only started the thread a few hours ago...... ;)
Software / Problemas pines 11 y 12. (Ayud...
Last post by nachob095 - Today at 09:11 pm
Hola gente. Mi problema es el siguiente.
Tengo un proyecto bastante complejo y descubri que los pines 11 y 12 no me funcionan siempre. Para comenzar a despejar problemas, hice un segundo proyecto basico en donde hago encender uno a uno los led puestos en los pines del 5 al 12 pero cuando llego al 11 y 12, estos no encienden. Seguido acto de hacerlos encender uno a uno, hago que enciendan los 8 y si encienden!!! Es de no creer!!
Primero sospeche que sea la plaqueta por lo que la re hice y segui teniendo este fallo. Lueo cambie el arduino por otro (ambos Nano) y el error persiste.

Les dejo el sketch básico aunque dudo que el problema sea de software (si logro corregir este error en este sketch tambien es implementable al sketch original que no lo dejo porque es muy tedioso). Por favor necesito respuesta de alguien que le haya pasado o algun dato que no tuve en cuenta.

Desde ya muchisimas gracias!

int led=5;
void setup() {

void loop() {
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