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Deutsch / Re: Ein Netzteilgerät mit Ardu...
Last post by Bede4u - Today at 02:13 pm
Hallo HotSystems,

aber gern! nachfolgend ist gern pdf user handbuch des Gerätes: für z+ 60-3.5 :
Programming Questions / Re: Reading one data from Hard...
Last post by bz26 - Today at 02:13 pm
For my project, I am restricted on space, so a Arduino Mega would not be usable. I read that the Arduino Pro Micro can only receive from one Software Serial port at a time, so that is why I decided to connect one of the sensors to the Hardware Serial port. I think I've gotten both of these ports to work because both sets of data is showing, just with the frequency being off. Do you think it's not possible with my setup to achieve my desired output?
Hi again,

I have no problems using a serial terminal to view the data coming across the serial connection, my issue is I don't know how to save or copy the data so I can use it in a spreadsheet.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong in my code or what I have missed?
That code makes no attempt to alter any BLECharacteristic, so I can't see why you expect the data to be part of some BLECharacteristic. What have I missed?
Displays / Re: Nextion Waveforms
Last post by anwofis - Today at 02:11 pm

i was bored a little and interested in this problem too, so i wrote a small example for the Arduino MEGA Serial 1. The waveform must be on page 0 with component-id 0 for this to work - but i can't test it now as all Nextions i have are in usage. The code seems to compile fine.

Code: [Select]

#include <RunningAverage.h>

uint16_t waveform_size = 300;

RunningAverage nex_waveform_data(waveform_size);

char nex_buffer[30];

void setup(void) {

  // go to page 0
  strcpy(nex_buffer, "page 0");



  // initialize and fill waveform on page 0
  for (uint16_t ii = 0; ii < waveform_size; ii++) {
    uint8_t tmpval = random(0, 255);
    sprintf(nex_buffer, "add 0,0,%d", tmpval);


void loop(void) {
  //add random value to waveform and average
  uint8_t tmpval = random(0, 255);

  sprintf(nex_buffer, "add 0,0,%d", tmpval);

  //go to another page
  strcpy(nex_buffer, "page 1");

  //wait 2 secounds on other page

  //go back to page 0 with waveform
  strcpy(nex_buffer, "page 0");

  //fill up waveform again
  for (uint16_t ii = 0; ii < waveform_size; ii++) {
    sprintf(nex_buffer, "add 0,0,%d", (uint8_t)nex_waveform_data.getElement(ii));

void send_to_nextion(char ss[]) {
    sends nextion string and terminates it
Programming Questions / Re: Inbuilt EEPROM Isuses
Last post by Ganesh2807 - Today at 02:11 pm
Why would you want to print THAT?

The value that you read is in p, but you don't seem to care what that value is.
Thanks PaulS for your Reply. I read that value for my clarification if the data will be stored in EEPROM or Not.
Is it possible to explain this in a different way so that I can wrap my head around it please?
Français / Re: Projet Voiture RC Besoin d...
Last post by Izuyumi - Today at 02:09 pm
Je parle de route pavé, mais c'est très léger, je ne pense pas que ça possera de problème, mais si jamais on remarque un souci, on l'utilisera en intérieur.

Nous souhaitons faire une voiture commandé via Bluetooth sur un Android ou une tablette. Pour le code, je pense pouvoir me débrouiller en cherchant à droite à gauche au final, j'ai trouvé pas mal de chose utile.

Notre plus gros problème est justement ce que tu demandes de détailler, nous avons uniquement une ancienne voiture télécommandé que nous utilisons comme modèle pour l'aspect "esthétique" ainsi qu'une carte Arduino Mega, mais pour tout ce qui est moteur, servo, batterie/pile, etc... Nous ne savons pas quoi choisir et qu'est ce qu'il nous faudrait en plus. C'est principalement pour ça qu'on cherche de l'aide actuellement.
Français / Re: ESP-12F WeMos D1 WiFi - br...
Last post by fitness04 - Today at 02:06 pm
Ok merci al1fch.

Je vais voir si je reste en Ethernet ou je passe en wifi avec ce shield.

Vu le prix, je vais tout de même le commander.

merci encore.
Bar Sport / Re: Flat Earther takes off in ...
Last post by allanhurst - Today at 02:04 pm
. When the mind snaps shut, so does the sphincter and that cuts the oxygen.
An interesting place to breathe. Suppose you needed a suppository - you'd asphyxiate...

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