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Eigen is a C++ library enabling Matlab and Octave-like matrix programming.  Eigen works very well with the Arduino Due.  As a Matlab user that appreciates minimalism, the Eigen library is written as plain header files. So no makefiles, no binary files, nothing to compile upfront, no headaches.
I downloaded it and tried on arduino 1.8 still no luck , appreciate any help


can you please recommend spi eeprom library for due?


Dear friends,

 I am in a big trouble, I designed a sensor system by interfacing AD 7705 ADC with ATMGA328P-AU.All the library files i downloaded from (http://www.kerrywong.com/2012/04/18/ad7705ad7706-library-revisited/ )
And it is working fine.

   Now i want to  change the controller to 32 bit SAM3x8e. The old library we used for AD7705 is not supporting. I am new with this controller, is there any one  to help me to find the solution. Can you suggest what change i should make in the old library.

hoping some one will help me .....................

Thank you..............


IMO if you are not yet familiar with the DUE, I suggest that you begin with a code like this one:
and the AD7705 datasheet, until you succeed to read properly the AD conversions at a very low frequency using digitalRead / digitalWrite.

You will find the correct CPOL/CPHA combination thanks to the figures in the AD datasheet.
then you can adapt your code for the Sam3x8e SPI controller with a much higher frequency using direct register programming or SPI.h or TurboSpi.h if necessary.

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