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On Jun 9 I logged a post for striped screens for the ILI9488-555 https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=482631.0, my issue was resolved very quickly and I now use the MCUFRIEND_kb with #define SUPPORT_9488_555 .

Since then I have been playing around creating a library for my buttons, whilst doing this I found that the top left corner (portrait) of my screen was not returning and x.y coord.  I suspected at first that it was a bug in my program but as time progressed more of my buttons started failing.

Currently the touch part of the screen only works  after approx x coord  379 and the ycoord is currently always 6543.  Prior to the xcoord of 379 the pressure value tp.z is 0 and at 379 or greater it is around 215

The color screen seems to be fine.

I am hoping someone can tell me that there is a reset command I can use to fix the problem but realistically I suspect the touch part of the screen is cactus .


It does sound more like a hardware issue, though it's not always terminal. Sometimes I see a bezel putting pressure onto the touchpanel's keep out area. There could also be some torque applied to the assembly, usually during mounting, which can create the kind of problems you are seeing. If you take it out of any bezel/case and it still has problems, then you're potentially looking at a bad touchpanel.


Thanks for the response.   I looked at reseating the touch screen but it seems to be stuck on with double side tape anyway shoved a biro top pointy bit in and wedged around a bit, seemingly with no effect.  Decided I couldn't fix it without breaking it, so, went away for several hours had dinner came back and hey presto its working again.  Go figure.
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