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Anyone have an idea if a place like sparkfun or another hardware manufacturer of arduino kit would produce an fgpa shield for arduino?

I would like to mine bitcoin and learn FGPA without buying a super expensive devolopement kit. The people making FGPA boards(people not company's) get discounts buying fgpa's in quantity. The Spartan 6 lx150 is what is being used currently because of pricing being low enough and the speed is good when using 2 on board it competes bitcoin mining wise with the best video cards at a 15th of the power.


I am intrested in FGPA since I seen Gameduino..I had no idea fgpa could do graphics so well!...wondering if any videocard manufacturers are gonna shove an fgpa into there design to boost mining lol...Also bitcoin mining,
also for cracking encryption nothing is as fast as fgpa.


ztex is the only manufacturer that was fairly affordable for fgpa boards where I could find a layout for the design...

Please take a look http://www.ztex.de/usb-fpga-1/usb-fpga-1.15x.e.html

I want to a see an FGPA Shield like this come out for Arduino!

Dual Spartan 6 lx 150's would be perfect. Coupled with arduino it would be an awesome  FGPA dev kit for way cheaper...


(people not company's) ... fgpa's in quantity.

Just for the record, using apostrophes do not make a word plural.

Given the complexity of programming an FPGA, I doubt there is a larger market for an Arduino shield than there is for bit coin mining boards.

I'm at a loss to understand why you think you need a FPGA shield.  If you have a standalone FPGA board, you can accomplish what you want.  A shield would not make programming the FPGA any easier, nor would it magically reduce the cost. 

Why do you need a shield to do bit coin mining?

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And to answer your poll, sure it is possible.  In fact, a CPLD (lower-end FPGA) shield already exists.


The silly thing about a FPGA shield is that most FPGA have enough elements to embedded an AVR-like processor in side of it.  Which would make the Arduino it is connected to, pointless.

Also, there is no such thing as a "FGPA."  I think you mean FPGA.
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So I was in a hurry and it shows in my grammar...so what! Dont be such a tool!

Whats the current fpga shield you mentioned?

although I want to try it in mining..I would also use my fpga board in cryptography and aslo
as a developement board...the gameduino really has me even more intrested now in fgpa shields
cause I will be getting into programming soon. I am in electronics now but next year I will be moving into
advanced electronics and robotics.


and dev boards from manufacturer are way more expensive
than buying the fpga and making your own...


no there is not such boards.

There is a software issue the software you need is Gigabytes installers,
and all FPGA vendors I know want registration + to know where you work.
Before you can download the software.


I recommend the Amani CPLD shield as the first port of call for exploring programmable logic. Note that a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is a higher logic capacity device than a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD). Start small, the learning curve is easier to grasp.

LogicaTronics is working on a family of logic shields that use FPGA.

We think comments about FPGA shields being pointless are a bit of misinformation in our humble opinion; you can always learn from any technology - we do everyday as experienced developers.

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