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Hello All!

I am doing the beginning phases of designing an upper body exoskeleton.  I will be using motor 1 to control curling motion of the arm and motor 2 to control the upwards lifting of the whole arm.  There will be an actuator to o the side to side motion of the arm.  I plan to use a joystick to control the motors with a rocker switch to control the actuator.  My idea is to have forward/backward on the joystick be curling up/down of the arm and have side to side motion of the joystick be lifting/lowering of the whole arm.  The rocker is planned to be used for the actuator.  I plan to use an arduino to control both a left and right arm.  I am new to arduino so I am unsure on how to go about the wiring/hardware/programming for this project.  I am a college student but this is a personal project.  Any help is appreciated.  Concerning the model, I do plan to have a right arm on the opposite side of the frame.  I am planning to incorporate an MSA SCBA harness as a mounting platform as this is going to be designed for trials in a firefighting setting so the frame isn't entirely accurate as of yet.

Here is the motor I plan to use.
It is item #BLWR235S-36V-4000-03

And here is the actuator.

Any structural suggestions are welcome as well.
Thank you!

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