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I had some time so here is the very first public pre-alpha 0.1 release of Visual Framework.

VF is a
"Visual rapid development tool for creating GUI for arduino with LCD displays, rotary encoders and buttons. It generate fast message based source code for Arduino"

In other words you design the core and mechanism of your project visually, generate code and then work on it normally in IDE. The things are organized such way that (in the future) you should be able to go back and forth between the VF Designer and IDE to make changes and update existing project.
The current version only generates the code, but doesn't update existing project yet because the code is still changing and that would potentially lead into a mess.

This pre-alpha is only about 10% of what I had planned and it currently works (and creates compillable code) for:

• 16x02 LCD display with I2C backpack (the most common type)
• rotary encoder, both 1 pulse per detent and 2 pulses per detent are supported
• buttons

The description, download and some sort of tutorial is all on the page:


It is work in progress so don't get too attached to how things are as everything can change.

I like to know your opinion about this idea and direction it should take or any other enhancements or if it even makes sense to continue.

At this moment it is for Windows only

This is a side hobby project to my other graphic applications and in fact it reuses lot of basic code from my Photo Reactor image nodal editor, so feel free to browse the site!


Version 0.11 has been uploaded with few enhancements, ability to generate Visual Studio w/ Visual Micro project files and some cleaning/shuffling of the code.


i am wondering, why nobody answear to this post.

I found your Visual Framework today and it works great.
The last days i have had a lot of problems, to understand how all the different rotary librarys and menu librarys works. The most problem was the bouncing from the encoder, jumps 3or more steps throug the menu.

I habe tried your Visual Framework and was very happy, that you are use the library from Ben Buxton for the encoder.

Now i can create my menus with your great tool and can try to understand, how it works.

Next step is, to implement my alarm clock with light in your menu programm. Thx a lot for your work!!!

Are you still working on it?

One Question, why is my rotation direction false? when i turn clockwise it turns counter clockwise and when i turn counter clockwise it turns clockwise


I have found out, why the rotation direction was false.

in the file vf_rotary.h, the pins are not defined in the correct way for me


Code: [Select]
Rotary rottary = Rotary(3, 2);

for me worked this

Code: [Select]
Rotary rottary = Rotary(2, 3);

hope this will help anyone

is this false in the library or do i have done something false?

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