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hallow everybody....
i am a beginner so go easy on me....
i have an Genuino UNO board. i want that the bard will be a tally light system
meaning that i have a software by the name of Vmix that can connect to the Genuino UNO board and when i switch cameras in my software i get a red light from the selected pin of the board.
i saw some projects like that but on  a Arduino UNO board... (is it make any difference?)
they loaded the standard firmata example and it work for them but when i load this example the system is working on the opposite whey
all the light that so posed to be off are on and the one on air is off....
can any one help me with the code?
about the wiring i am doing fine so my problem is only the code....

best regards!  ;D


can any one help me with the code?
What code?

You have not posted any!

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


in my post i mantion that i used the standard firmata hear is the code :)
thank you!

code link



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Sorry. I have never used that. I don't even know what it is for.

I had assumed you had some particular code that would identify some things for me, including how you are controlling the lamps.

What sort of lamps are you using. If you are using LEDs they may be working the wrong way just because they are connected the wrong way.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Are you certain that your Computer is sending the same messages? Could the bits be flipped?

Are your LEDs wired the same way as the example you saw? The polarity to turn a LED on or off will be reversed if you connect the LED and Resistor to Ground or to VCC.

If that doesn't work go into the Firmata code and change the polarity of the pins you are using.


You may get better answers if you add VMIX in the subject.
Then people that have used it before are likely to see your thread.
Ask the right question, which can be hard for beginners, but this doesn't mean that google is broken.
Experienced responders have a nose for laziness, (they were beginners once)... expecting the poster to contribute to the learning experience.


VMIX is a video processing software suite for use on a pc - presumably with a high performance video card.

What has an arduino to do with this?



If the tally lights are all reversed, then it would not be too hard to use an N-type MOSFET on each one to reverse the sense of the output. An N-MOSFET is "on" when its input is LOW and "off" when its input is HIGH.
"The problem is in the code you didn't post."

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