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Nice timing.  I'm just beginning a design for a three-output digitally-controlled bench supply.

This is an old thread, but for current and future readers, I'm not sure I would use a DAC / MCU feedback loop on the regulators.  That's going to be awful slow compared to analog feedback.  I would be more inclined to use digital pots to leverage the convenience of digital control while still getting the performance of an analog feedback loop.  I'm looking into how I could pull this off in both voltage and current regulation modes.

I was torn for a bit on whether to use switching regulators to allow for a wide (e.g. 1-15v) range at higher current (3A or so), or linear regulators for better noise performance.  Now I'm considering a hybrid approach -- switching pre-regulators to bring the input rail to something reasonably close to the desired output voltage, then linear regulators at the output.  Seems a viable option to multi-tapped transformers, unless anyone knows how to get hold of those at a reasonable cost.



is a link for variable power supply


Was this project ever finished? I have a similar project and this would help me immensely! I had also found the site referred to and read through it all. I don't understand the C code.


we have added Arduino Micro board to control some of the variable DC power supplies, you can check them out here:

it was a lot of effort making it work with Arduino board due to limited resolution in its ADC, but in the end it worked very nicely. We provide a basic set of features and source code, anyone in this board should be able to program it to do whatever special projects you are in mind.

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