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int ScrollUp(){
    lcd.setCursor(0, 0);
    lcd.setCursor(0, 1);

     if (m > 5){
      m = 1;

You are printing the value of m to the lcd before rolling it over. So when you enter this function and m is 5, it will print 5 to the lcd. If you press the Up button again, m will now be 6, it will be printed to the screen and then the if condition will be matched, resetting m to 1. Next time round m will be incremented to 2, displaying this on the screen. You need to adjust your if condition to >= 5, or leave it as is and move it to before you print out the value of m.

Français / Re: besoin aide clavier affich...
Last post by Palou72 - Today at 06:10 pm
Dans ton tuto, tu écris:
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enum {lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche} jour;

void setup() {
  jour = jeudi;

void loop() {}

ce ne serait pas plutôt un truc comme cela:
jour = 3 ?
Project Guidance / Re: Control stepper motor with...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 06:10 pm
How do I make those numbers negative when a person comes closer to the sonar module?
Pick a distance that represents the threshold you want and then subtract that from the sonar measurement.

Microcontrollers / Re: creating HEX arrays
Last post by AWOL - Today at 06:07 pm
Hex is a convenient format for humans; but, decimal is a necessary format.
No, I'm pretty sure the computers get along just fine without decimal ;)
Project Guidance / Re: Help Me With Line Finder R...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 06:07 pm
but i want to add an operation that is the robot If got away from the line how can it search and get back to the line again automatically ?
Leaving aside the question of how you might write a program finding a line not a simple thing. You could make the robot move in some direction hoping that it will run across a line. But what direction would you choose and when would you decide that the direction was never going to cross a line? And if you did decide that you were searching in the wrong place, how would you decide where to search next? There is also the problem of making the robot move in a straight line if it does not have a line to follow.

This is the sort of thing that is easy for a human with a sophisticated vision system, but could be incredibly difficult for a robot with a few line-detector sensors.

I have not looked at your program. To make it easier for people to help you please modify your post and use the code button </>
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so your code looks like this
 and is easy to copy to a text editor. See How to use the Forum Your code is too long for me to study quickly without copying to a text editor.

Français / Re: problème de bloquage de le...
Last post by ChPr - Today at 06:04 pm
...dans ton code, passe toutes les variables qui concernent la fonction millis() en unsigned long

pour l'instant tu en as en unsigned long et en long. ...
Vous avez aussi

Code: [Select]
int updateDelay = 5000;

Tout cela ne fait pas bon ménage.

Mais ce n'est peut-être pas le problème. Vouloir faire un "reset" pour que tout reparte bien est un cache misère. Il me semble préférable d'identifier le problème (qui peut être de câblage entre autres).


Your Authorization string is not correct. Encode to Base64 using online tool. And use the encoded string as below:
client.println("Authorization: Basic c2VhdXJjaGluQGdtYWlsLmNvbTpzZWNyZXRQd2Q=");

Here your encoded string is c2VhdXJjaGluQGdtYWlsLmNvbTpzZWNyZXRQd2Q=.

Bar Sport / Re: [OT ITA] Lo spamm bar
Last post by Etemenanki - Today at 06:03 pm
Deutsch / Re: Hilfe beim Anschluß von 3,...
Last post by Tommy56 - Today at 06:02 pm
Mit Deinen Bildern hast Du irgendwie kein Glück.
Du kannst sie auch direkt hier einbinden:

1. Als Attachment hochladen
2. Den Link des Attachments als Bildlink im Image-Tag verwenden.

Näheres gibt es hier.

Gruß Tommy
Español / Re: Se repite siempre el mismo...
Last post by alenicomar - Today at 06:02 pm
Bien, tienes razón, no son óptimos mis métodos. Como se debe notar, soy nuevo en el lenguaje de Arduino, es decir, conozco C/C++ aunque nunca lo usé con microcontroladores. No logro entender bien cómo se usa, ¿Podrías darme un ejemplo de código para lo que quiero hacer? :D
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