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i just made a moving led sketch with my arduino board and a 74hc595 shift register.

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Never the less Komika,
Let others complain, it's great that you've got your moving lights working.
Sure, there's a lot more one can do with an arduino, but If you like electronics and already did this, the only way is forwards, in 12-24 months time people also might ask, "fgs... how the h*ll did you do that ?"

If you want to  dim each led individually, (which can be very... interesting using RGB-leds)  google shiftpwm.
By daisychaining 3 74hc595 chips and using 8 rgb-leds, you can create a moving light in  16+ million colours.


I made this to make an 8 step Step Sequencer:


Its just a little test for me, i will extend my sketch, maybe with a LCD Display to set up the notes and length.
Arduino Facebook Gruppe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/arduino.deutschland/

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