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Hello guys and gals!

Our team is currently working on an autonomous vehicle project.  We are using the Arduino Duemilanove to connect our color sensor, the CMUcam2, and we have a general powering question regarding this sensor.  We were wondering if such a sensor could possibly be powered, not from the standard power port but from only the TTL port.

In the manual, the CMUcam2 can take anywhere from 6 to 15 volts of DC power.  If power from the TTL port is used, only 5 volts are used, however, the camera seems to function normally.  Not to mention, when 9.6 volts was received from the battery using the standard power port, the CMUcam2 has a tendency to overheat.  Because of this, we are considering disconnecting the 9.6 volt battery from the camera and powering it through the TTL port connected to the 5V and GND pins on the Arduino.

Would there be any problems that might come up?
Any suggestions and inputs would be greatly appreciated!
Please and thank you!

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