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Thanks for all this. I had the same problem with a Samsung AC, using IRLIB gave the SANYO FFFFFFFF codes as above. Using IRremote gave two separate sets of codes. Both cases were too short - around 116 ints.
I used the Analysir Arduino code in post #9 and got a longer 349 int code. This works successfully. I removed the minus signs and used the code in IRsendRawDemo example with the IRremote library at 38kHz. Make sure your IR LED is bright enough.


Hi i started working with arduino about 3 days ago. I am using TSOP4838 ir receiver to get codes from DAIKIN AC remote control. Unfortunately, the receiver gets different codes from same button. Has anyone here already tried working on this AC Remote Control? I also tried the library in a SHARP TV remote control but still receiving different codes.


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