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Hi there..... who ever is a pro at arduino, can you help me. I am "new"(kind of!) to arduino. My project is trying to control the Siku 8360RT. I have two N20 gear motors that are flipped. They are the drive motors. The whole project is controlled with a NRF24LO1 radio module. To drive the motors I also have a motor driver. The arduino nano is the brains.

To make the remote I have a arduino uno, a joystick shield and a NRF24LO1 radio module. The idea was that the Y axis would drive both motors forward and the X axis would slow down one motor and speed up the other. I have not started the code as I am Fairly new to Arduino.

If any one has the time can they please please PLEASE write me some code. If you want anymore information please reply to my topic

Many thanks



If any one has the time can they please please PLEASE write me some code.
How much are you offering for someone to write YOU code?
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You will have to learn.

Break the project down in steps.
Start with e.g. the motor controller to control the motor from the serial monitor. Send e.g. '+' to increment speed, '-' to decrement speed and '0' to stop.
Once you have that completed, you break it down and can work on the communication part. Keep it simple and use the onboard led (on the receiver) first. Control the sender using the serial monitor.
In the third step, add the joystick to the sender and control the LED using the joystick.

Once you have a good understanding how to implement all functionalities, combine the codes that you have written to provide the required functionality.

You don't mention which motor driver you use and neither what that joystick shield is.
If you understand an example, use it.
If you don't understand an example, don't use it.

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As I am very young, I barly understand code. I have tried to learn but have failed. You might say that "this is to hard for me to do", you may be correct. I have nothing to offer. p.s (am a kid). The arduino uno shield is an funduino joystick shield.(look it up if u like:) The motor driver is a Dual TB6612FNG 1A. if you guys need anymore info please reply on this form.




sterretje is correct - break it down into manageable steps.  Being a noob myself, I've learned the guys/gals in here are very helpful- if you're willing to help yourself.  If you haven't found it already, an example code was listed here .

If you're still having trouble understanding the basics, I'm sure many of us noobs will help you along -
 under the watchful eye of the more experienced.


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