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Hello All,

I am making a drone and ran into some issues while calibrating.
1. I attached 4 new 2300 KV motors to 4 new 12 AMP ESCs.
2. I was able to test them individually.
3. One of the motors did not make any sound after couple of tests. I blamed it on the ESC and therefore, changed the ESC.
4. On the new ESC the motor does not make loud calibration tones compared to what I hear in other Esc-Motor combinations.
5. When I run the calibration sketch of arduino, the motor does not spin fast at all. e.g., on max(2000 microsecond), it makes a 1200 microsecond type of rotation. (motor.writeMicroseconds(2000))
6. Another fact is, I did burn an ESC attached to this motor and added a new one later. The ESC burned because I made a polarity mistake on leads coming from the Lipo battery. I did not notice any burning smell in the motor itself.

1. is my ESC bad or the motor bad?
2. What additional tests should I perform? I did switch the leads of the motor, but did not make any difference.
3. Is there a way to test the motor with multimeter to check if it is bad. I do not want to buy a new motor without figuring out what is wrong, as motor looks ok (without any coil burns, I still feel calibration is not perfect as other motors..)
4. is there a better way to reset and re-callibrate this motor?

thanks for your guidance.



Measure the winding resistances of the motor (it should be low, a 4-terminal measurement may be
needed).  The measurements should be the same for each pair of wires.

Switch motors and ESCs to find out which are bad, you have enough of both to do this I think.

Your ESCs are no longer a matched set perhaps - this will be an issue.  Buy matching spares up-front, they
do fry alarmingly easily.

Also you may need to consider reflashing ESCs for quadcopter use, they need to be responsive, standard
ESCs are designed for RC aircraft, not quadcopters.
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