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I have been trying to work on a school project, but one thing after another has gone wrong and now I'm stuck. I have 2 photo-diodes (emit and detect IR light), and the emitters on both have seemed to break. I have used these before, but I changed the resistor on the emitter from 200 ohms to 100 ohms on the recommendation from someone on here, and when I was calibrating they both stopped working, and I cannot get them to light again. I have tried replacing the resistors to 200 ohms again, but still nothing. If they are broken, I do have an IR led, but I have no idea what resistor it needs, so I don't do this again. Any suggestions?


An IR LED and an emitter are the same thing. You didn't apply your 100R resistors to the detectors did you?

How are you wiring it up and what sort of emitter did you have?


I went back and looked and saw that at the photo-diodes 2 of the wires were bridged on both of them. Fixed that with e-tape and it seems to be working fine now.

Strangely, I posted this about 8 hours ago and it said it was successful but disappeared. Weird

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